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Your votes have been recognized both here and on MWpk. The decision has been made and I will be upgrading MOpk. Until the changes are made you may access this site by going to www.stlpk.webs.com (missouriparkour.com is registered on another host).

 I hope you all will enjoy the coming changes!

 - Greg


Decision Time!

Please cast your vote in THIS POLL.

Thank you.

It's Big, It's Fluid, It's MIDWEST PARKOUR

That's right. Midwest Parkour has finally been released. As it is still in baby form I hope that I can count on the few of you that regular this site to sign up over at Midwest Parkour. I hope you guys will let me know  what you think of the page. If everyone seems to like it. I am certainly going to replace Missouri Parkour with that style of page.

Think you can help? Email Midwest Parkour at icanhelp@midwestparkour.com and let us know exactly how you think you can help. As of right now there are several positions available from article writer to forum moderator.

Do you have jams to tell us about? Email us at jams@midwestparkour.com with the details and we can make front page happen for you.

Do you have news in your state that you'd like to share with everyone else? Email us with the news story and details at news@midwestparkour.com.

If you have questions about the site you can email us ANY time at help@midwestparkour.com (Allow a 24 hour response time)

 If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email me at gdavis@midwestparkour.com.

 I hope that ALL of you become active on that site. In fact. I would MUCH rather see all of you on there than on here. BECAUSE I will be replacing this site down the road with a better, more intuitive site.

 Thank you all for sticking with MOpk and STLpk as your source of local information. To get the latest news I WILL have a feed posted on the sidebar from Midwest Parkour but I hope that all of you will take the initiative and join the NEW, GROWING, MIDWEST PARKOUR.


Something Big Is Coming...

Although some of you know, some of you don't and I would like to keep it that way. All I'm saying is there will be a... collection of sorts... imagine.. RSS feeds giving you info from multiple areas, pictures displaying many groups and widespread forums. Imagine....BIG

 For those of you that DO know... let's keep it OUR little secret  

New(ish) PxC Parkour Video

Many of you may have seen it already but for those of you who haven't here is our (essentially) one year training video. Watch the video and Read More HERE.

**NEW** Suggestions

Hey everyone, the page is in need of some overhaul. I really need more traffic to the site and we are starting to make it happen but I need your help. Read More.

Hey you...

See that post down there, that one that says DOWNgrade? Well GUESS WHAT!

I lied. With summer coming I feel that the site may pay off and will still be useful. So why lose the premium features right? But here's the deal. At each and every jam I AM going to ask for cash donations. It only costs me $10 a month but this is NOT the only site I run anymore so I can't pay for it by myself. We are a community and I feel that as a community page it should be paid for as such. So donate with paypal or give me (or another member of PxC) a cash donation at any jam and you will be rewarded with a running website

Thanks for the support and help guys. Keep it coming!

Cement Land by Bob Cassilly (Owner and Creator of the St. Louis City Museum)

Many of you have heard of it, many of you have dreamed of it, few of you have seen it.

I know nearly everyone in this scene has heard and dreamed about the wonders that are cement land. Only three remote groups have visited cement land as far as I know. These being PxC, Trickset, and Team Zero. For those of you who have not been there, you will be completely blown away by the possibilities this place holds and while you may look at it and think there's nothing there for you, there is. Cement land is made up of SEVERAL (more than 4) industrial buildings with SEVERAL incredible sights with potential for some amazing movements. Rather than listen to me ramble why don't you check it out yourself,

Here is an article from the NEW YORK TIMES, that's right, it's big.

Site DOWNgrade

Because times are tough I can NOT support the cost of this site alone. As of right now I no longer see the purpose of paying for this site. It will remain but you must understand that it will no longer be a premium site, so some features will be lost. I am sorry for any inconvenience but the purpose of this site has not been fulfilled. If you have any comments you can go ahead and post them HERE. And as always you can click the Donate button on the right side and use PayPal to make a donation.  

Hey Everyone!

With the weather being pretty bad most days with the temp very low, jams have been hard to assemble but don't worry. We are still here and we are still supporting our members. Located at the bottom of your page now is a chat bar supported by Meebo. This bar allows you to chat with anyone else who is online. I hope that people will use this application to their advantage and get to know others in the area more quickly and efficiently , anyway, enjoy the changes, There will probably another page revamp coming soon in order to support the new year and the new season. I hope you all have at least been conditioning hard! Don't forget to keep coming back for more jam updates!

MOpk is Official!

Alright everyone, MOpk is officially on the map. From now on when you tell people about us you can tell them "www.MissouriParkour.com", "www.MissouriParkour.info" and "www.stlpk.com"

It seems like MissouriParkour.com is the easiest one to remember. Enjoy the changes. There are more ways to access your favorite local content. In the works is a Missouri specific hotspots map as well as a page for North Missouri (out of request from a group up that way).

- Greg 


The change over is in full swing. Very shortly I will be buying "Missouripk.com" (MOpk.com was taken...) and you will have access to this site whether you type in STLpk.com or Missouripk.com. If you think I should make it MissouriParkour.com then go ahead and post your opinion HERE

 On that note: With the creation of MOpk, everything is about to get TWICE as expensive. I hate to beg, but any every donation is GREATLY appreciated. We are looking at roughly $30 a month for both sites. That's pretty high for one underpaid guy. SO, if you want to help, just scroll down a little and click to donate with paypal. Every dollar makes a difference. Thank You. 

**APK Affiliates**

In order to beomce APK affiliates the forums have to be moved to APK. For those of you who do NOT have an APK account you will have to make one in order to access the forums. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes. On that note, we will be making the transition smoothly, the forums here will not be gone until everyone appears to have transitioned to the new ones. The first forums link is to APK and the second is our local forums. REMEMBER: The local forums WILL be removed one week from tomorrow, Sunday, November 8. Thank You for bearing with all the changes.

- Greg




 OOPS! It's true, even I make mistakes. I found enough clips to make another video this long. Well, probably this long. If you didn't see what you were looking for here, post in the comments, and I'll get to work making another. Thanks for bearing with me.

- Greg 

Back to Square One

That's right, we have ditched the flash site. It had too many compatibility issues and ultimately it was driving people away. BUT, since we loved the look and feel of the flash sites we WILL be incorporating them in this site. Coming VERY soon will be a new Pictures page and a new Videos page. These pages will be flash and they will be a lot smoother than we are used to with this site. Don't forget, you can now access THIS site by simply going to stlpk.com now. I want to see everyone back on here and active again. Sorry for all the changes, things will settle down very shortly. Thank you to everyone who helped chip in and pay for the domain so we can have our own slice of online Parkour/Freerunning heaven. 

MOpk is a MWpk Affiliate!

MOpk is an APK Affiliate

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